Jul 8, 2016

Look to the sky!

I love the light in the morning and looking at the sky. When I walk, I always lift my eyes and look at the clouds, the blue sky and try to catch everything that is going on above my eyes. This morning I saw the cool formation of a cloud, and I wanted to catch it on my phone camera.
Oslo, today

The little hole in the cloud looks like it is a cartoon-ish character, like a bear or something, wearing a hat! At least in my head...

You know, the Bible talks about the Magi - the men from East, whom were actually guided by a star in the heavens. I was in Iran twice, and there are many things which might point to the fact that the Magi might have traveled from Iran to Israel to find the Messiah. The Bible talks a lot about signs in the sky, and even Jesus said we should look to the heaven. So, if you want to follow Jesus, you should look up! He he.

Iran has a special place in my heart. My wife and I went there twice, almost six weeks each time. The people were lovely, the food was very nice and the places we visited were magical. We visited an old village, Abyaneh, the red village, which is supposed to be more than 2.500 years old.
Wow - that was so special!

Persepolis, Iran
We also made sure we got to se Persepolis, the ancien capital for the Persian kingdom. Just standing there, acting like King Ahasuerus and his wife, gave me shivers down my spine. Imagine what have been happening there, so many, many years ago!

I love traveling to ancient places, where interesting things have happened. And Iran had a lot of those places!

Great! Now I miss Iran...

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