Jul 8, 2016

The world's best hotels

Tripadvisor just launched the site !Tp 25 Hotels - World and looking at the 25 hotels, I can only admit that I would be honored to stay in even one of them.

You can visit the site via this link: https://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Hotels-a_Mode.expanded

My best experience of a hotel must have been once in Surabaya, Indonesia and once in Warsaw, Poland. Both times at the Hilton hotel. My stay in Indonesia is stuff of legends. I will delve into that at a later post, but what made the hotel so special was the quality of the bed, and the service they provided.

Singgasana hotel, Surabaya, Indonesia
Being a huge guy, hotel beds are often a hassle. I am both tall and heavy, and mattresses are ususally not made for me. This hotel: Magnificent beds! I slept like a newborn baby, and I remember it only with good memories. Today I believe the hotel is called
And the service! I travel light, and having been on the go the whole day, my balzer was wet through with sweat. I called the reception, and asked if I could have it dry cleaned. The answer was: "Of course, Sir. Would you like the one-hour service, two-hour service or three-hour service?"
I went for the two-hour service, and the blazer was as good as new.

Warzaw, Poland
Returning from a teaching trip in North-Eastern Poland once, I found out that it was cheaper to stay at the Hilton Warsaw than almost any other hotel in Warzaw (during Easter), so I checked in with my fellow traveler Per, and we loved it! The swimming pool, the beds, the chandeliers - all a sight for sore eyes and bodies having survived hotels in the north-east where I actually had to sleep with my ankles and feet off the beds. I spent more than half the nights sitting in a chair, before going back to bed, and it was a real problem.

The remedy was one long night at Hilton Warzaw, and I still remember it with joy.

Where was your top hotel stays?

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