Aug 17, 2016

Country No. 40 - The Vatican.

When visiting the Vatican, I have to admit something: It was the shortest visit I have ever had in any country. It lasted well under an hour, and it was memorable in one way - hot as blazes.

My daughter and I flew EasyJet from Nice to Rome, Italy. I have to commend the EasyJet-people. The aisle was almost 50 per cent wider than on any other plane I have ever been in! To a big man, that is good news! The seats were comfortable, and we arrived on time. After hailing a cab in Rome, avoiding all pickpockets, and having survived the trip to our hotel, the night just consisted of sleep.

Tram tracks.
In the morning, we had breakfast and headed for the bus stop. We could choose between tram and bus and metro. We chose tram. Bad choice, but we did. Got to the last stop, and walked a couple of hundred meters to the St. Peter´s square. Customary pictures were taken, to prove our presence, a few trinkets and a cap was bought, and back on the tram. Done deal! Been there, seen that. (Not too much, but we could not stand the heat anymore.

Have you heard the expression "Sweating like a pig"? All wrong. Pigs have no sweat glands, and cannot sweat. That is why they hide in the mud. Well, I sweat like a horse. Have you ever seen a race horse, all sweaty after a run? That´s me travelling in hot countries. Nothing new there. Good thing there are laiudry places around!

I do not necessarily like the hear, but I have to cope with it. The urge for "immer weiter" is still in my blood. I will reveal more in next blog post, for I am thirsty for more countries this year. Tickets are bought, wait and see! There will be more info coming your way.

What is your biggest travel challenge? Your spouse is not allowed to pin point ...

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