Jul 5, 2016

A very good travel site - Kiwi.com

I had already taken advantage of the precious offer from Norwegian.com to fly my daughter and I to Nice, one way, at their best price available, but I had neither the cash nor the rush to pay NOK 3,000 to get back, either.

I waited for a month, and then intensified my search for cheap  return tickets, and also an alternative route back to Oslo during week 32.
No great offers came up, but checking with EasyJet, I got dirt-cheap tickets to Rome, and with two nights at a hotel in downtown Rome, I would have the chance to see the eternal city. My daughter wanted to see Rome, too.
The alternatives were train to Paris or London, flights to either Milano, A couple of Polish cities
or more costly alternatives.

This is where Kiwi.com comes in. Doing another search, this time from Rome, and not from Nice, I came across this web site. I had to check the price three times before I dared to order and pay my way to Copenhagen, but it was correct!

Then, in Copenhagen, we will have the time to visit TIVOLI, and catch the ferry back to Oslo, making the whole trip cheaper than with return tickets, and at the same time tipping the number of countries visited to 40.

Thanks, Kiwi.com!

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