Jul 4, 2016

Visiting the world's two smallest countries - this summer!

This summer I will be visiting the world's two smallest countries. The Vatican and Monaco. 

On our summer holiday, my daughter and I will be able to visit these memorable countries, and for me, this will be a dream come true. Sure, I have been to San Marino before, so this makes it very special, but there is a special aura around Monaco and The Vatican. 

Me, being a Protestant minister, and all, I do not care much for landmarks and cathedrals and stuff, but there is something special about The Vatican, nonetheless. Just the fact that it is a country within a city makes it cool, and the fact that it is the smallest country on earth - how cool is that? 

And Monaco - just the fact that it is there, makes it intriguing. Having read about the Royal Family since I was a young boy, being there will be interesting. My mother knew all royalty in Europa by heart, their kinship and all. It was really fascinating! 

Not to mention the Casino Royale - James Bond-inspired, not the gambling. Listen, I have been twice to Las Vegas, NV without spending anything on gambling. Not a dime! To me, the rest of Monaco is the interesting part. The people, the cars, the boats, the fact that it is so small I can - and plan on - walking across it. Both ways. 

I will post pictures, and maybe even a video.... Looking forward! Four weeks to go. 

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