Jul 4, 2016

Travelling - My second love

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy that you will be following me here.
Travelling has always been a favorite of mine – ever since I bought myself a ticket to USA while in High School at U. Pihls skole outside Bergen. Before Christmas 1990, during the first Gulf War, I decided to take my first trip abroad – ever. I had only ever been to Sweden on a bus at that time. In my mind, that did not even count. I was young, hopeful and extremely interested in American Football at the time. I played Left Tackle for Bergen Bulldogs – I know, stuff of legends.
My first time in the US, was to become memorable. First, leaving Bergen, my luggage was checked three times – Thanks, Karl-Aksel, for lending me your American-bought shaver. They checked me three times, dude! Anyway, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, they did not check anything. I promise, when I got to the passport check, a huge African- American stood up, pointed at me, and shouted: “You play football?” I confirmed that, as my body size implied, that I played Left Tackle at a Norwegian Football Team, and he said: “You can pass!”. I walked out into Miami Airport, for the first time abroad, and it was in “the land of the free, and home of the brave!”
What a change, thinking about my latest visit to the US, when shoes had to come off, and the line for the passport check was longer than ever! It is a lot easier to get into Israel than to the US – even with a stamp from IRAN in my passport. They let me pass, though, but the US was harder, as I recall.
Big challenges for a big guy
This blog will be dealing with my travel experiences, being 193 cm tall and still looking like a Left Tackle (330 lbs), but hopefully not in a negative way. I have had some incredible trips in my life, but also some hideous ones, so I will try and dish them out in an orderly fashion – a little sour, a little sweet and a little salt.
Being built like a refridgerator has its challenges, both because my legs are big (not long, but wide), having shoes size 50 European (16 US size) and having hips at the same time.
So, the front seat does not work, because of the trays are being stowed in the arm rest, which makes the seat even smaller.
But we will come back to this – and more. Way much more. Welcome to my blog!

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