Jul 27, 2016

The waiting game

Dr, TL Osborn
I have spent a lot of time on airports, waiting for the connecting flight. Back in the days, when I did not own a smartphone, time went by a lot slower. Or so it seemed. I remember 5 hours at Charles De Gaulle (Paris), coming back from Ivory Coast, having met the president and all.
3,5 hours in the horizontal position, on the floor, with my head resting on my backpack. Yup, memorable.

Delays are a little less memorable. With one exception.
 Coming back from the Memorial Service of Dr. TL Osborn in 2014, I first had a delay in Tulsa, then in Atlanta. While waiting, I noticed that the 4 hour layover I was supposed to experience in Paris, was drastically shortened. So much that I feared I would not reach my flight back to Oslo. I told the people at the counter, and they recommended I should order at wheelchair.
Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal 1 (Wikipedia)

I thought about itfor a minute and went for it. The whole way across the Atlantic Ocean I considered cancelling the whole wheelchair once I landed. I took melatonin on the flight over, and apart from one visit t the little boys room, I slept the entire trip. Wise from previous trips, I let all the passengers disembark before me, then I tried to get up. Pain! Lots of pain! I stumbled out of the aircraft, and there she was! Waiting with a wheelchair....

Wheelchair from Austria. Not the one I used.
I got in the wheelchair, and off we went. Half running, half walking, down the elevator, out of the wheelchair, customs in 30 seconds, walked 15 meters to the bus, back into a wheelchair, and there I was - at my gate, with 30 minutes to spare!
Memorable trip. I could even feel my legs again, before I reached Oslo.

What is your most memorable travel waiting stories?

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