Aug 4, 2016

Published article at GoMadNomad!

Today I woke up to an email from the USA - which made me happy - and then some. The resected travel magazine have just published my travel article! I am beyond happy right now. I feel so happy, and I will probably not land for the rest of the day, so let me write this at once - to get it off my chest, so to speak. You can read the article here:

Photo of the article header.
This is my first time being published as a travel writer. Having written and published five books previously does not seem to matter right now. I am elated! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you this morning, and tell you it really made my day.

Today, we are back in the Mediterranean Sea, to get some more tan. Our bodies have healed, thanks to Aloe Vera gel and lemon (Yup, it is real. Look it up!)

Buses have limited space. I know.
So, another hour or three, then back into the shadows, and maybe a short trip to Monaco or Nice this afternoon. Will be a little challenge too, because even though Air France has had the opportunity to adjust the width of their seats for bigger passengers, that is NOT the case with the buses. They are still meant for petite French men and women. C´est la vie!

Oh well, the price will compensate for that. The local bus betweeen Nice and Menton only costs 1,5 EURO. Yup, you heard me. One and a half Euro! One of the perks of traveling like a local... Have a nice day!

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