Aug 2, 2016

Merci, Gjertrud!

During my second day in Menton, France, I sense a big gratitude towards my French teacher at U.Pihl skole, at Åsane: Madam Gjertrud Haugstvedt.  A deep gratitude for the teaching, the home work (which I rarely did, sorry!) and the hours of conversational French she had me go through, to "get the hang of it", so to speak.
Teacher. NOT mdm Haugstvedt) 

- Aujourd´hui, je comprends, Madame Haugstvedt.
(Today I understand, Madame Haugstvedt).

Being a tourist with my daughter, the future of my life, conversing with the French (and somewhat Italian) shop owners in town, she is impressed wth her fossil dad. Her eyes are big and round. She is genuinely interested and keeps asking: " Do you REALLY understand all that?". And "oui, je comprends." (Read above for translation).

How does a big man sleep in the AirBNB-rented apartment in Nice? Not nicely, let me tell you. The bed we have to share, is made for hobbits. Half the night was spent in a corner, for back support. I asked the nice lady living here, for a chair, and I hoped for a lounge chair, but got a dinner-table chair. I will try it tonight, and maybe go back to Daniele and ask for another chair tomorrow, if I need it. (I have a  feeling I will....)

Having spent the whole morning in the water and at the shore, I am happy that the Aloe Vera lotion is working. The sun is up, which is the case 316 days a year, according to the local tourist board, and the sun tan lotion 50 is doing its thing. Almost perfectly. Not bad, being at a place which has an equal amount of rainy days to Bergen´s rainy days!

I am sorry, Bergen. That was unfair. I know it is not that bad. Mais presque. (But, almost that bad...).

Do you have a teacher you would like to send a "Merci" to, right now?

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